Indoor Sun Beds

Tan Unique Spa’s goal is to provide you with a comfortable, affordable UV exposure session every time you visit. We ensure your complete satisfaction by our dedication to cleanliness and quality of equipment in every aspect of our business. From the highest-quality lamps, replaced at recommended intervals for even exposure results, to choosing the finest manufacturers in the industry for top-of-the-line innovative technologies, your Tan Unique Spa experience is an extraordinary value. In a properly controlled atmosphere you will gain the benefits of UV exposure (Vitamin D production) with the side benefit of obtaining a beautiful natural tan in the shortest time, at a great price!

Recommended Exposure Schedules
The Tan Unique Spa experts will assist you in building and maintaining the tan you’ve always wanted without overexposure!

Our tanning beds are housed in rooms with exceptional ventilation to make your tanning visit an enjoyable experience.

Your Time is our Priority
Whether you schedule your visits or stop by when it’s convenient, Tan Unique Spa fits your schedule. We have invested in a full line of quality sun beds so you have access to the bed or booth of your choice as promptly as possible.

Regular Beds
-32 100W Lamps in bed
-7% UVB
-Sessions are 20 minute max.
Recommended Schedule
2-to 4 sessions per week to maintain tan

VIP Beds
-32 100W Lamps
-8.5% UVB
-Sessions are 15 minute max.
2 to 3 sessions per week to maintain tan

Super Beds
-32 160W reflector lamps in bed
-2-400W facial tanners
-Great, golden brown color
7% UVB with a Higher UVB/UVA Mix than regular and VIP’s
-Strong fans
-Sessions are 15 minute max.
Recommended Schedule
2-3 sessions per week to maintain tan

Stand Up
-48 160W reflector bulbs
-Great, golden brown color
– 7% UVB With high UVB/UVA mix than regular and VIP’s
-Strong fans
-Sessions are 11 minute max.
Recommended Schedule
Every 3rd or 4th session to get under arms, sides and to eliminate pressure points on upper back and hips.
Some clients prefer to use a stand up unit to make it easier to enter and exit the sun unit.

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